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Managed Services

Choosing deployment & technical support outsourcing team is easy with HiTech Service LLC

[font_style fontsize=”16px”]Powerful IT infrastructure is a must for a modern enterprise. Keeping all these services running and secure is called IT service management is as important as it’s setup.[/font_style]

[font_style fontsize=”16px”]During past 10 years in HiTech Service LLC we have gathered a highly experienced technical support team ready for tasks of any difficulty including all kinds of configuration and remote administration of both hardware and applications, deployments and scripting.[/font_style]

[font_style fontsize=”16px”]We work both, with free and paid software solutions, giving priority to free software where possible. This greatly cuts down expenses when working on infrastructure management projects.[/font_style]

As a part of DBA services outsourcing and technical support outsourcing our team provides following:

  • Windows Server Management, Linux Server Management and BSD systems;
  • Security Device Management (Firewalls, VPN, Anti-Virus, Web Security, IDS, IPS, End Point Security);
  • Database scripting and database configuration (MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL administration, PostgreSQL);
  • Mongodb management services;
  • Storage Management (SAN, DAS, NAS);
  • Network Management (routing);
  • Managed Communications (VoIP services provisioning, IPv4/IPv6 infrastructure);
  • Managed Messaging (Email services, MS Exchange, IM);
  • Enterprise Monitoring Services (Nagios, IBM Tivoli, Splunk, Microsoft System Centre).
  • Research and development of the system to implement CI and auto deployments. CI/CD configuration and support. Designing and developing scripts/tools for Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployments;
  • Configuration and support of cloud spaces. Designing and developing automation templates/tools for infrastructure provisioning, configuration & change management;
  • Optimization of environment configuration;
  • Assist project teams with technical issues in all phases of a projects life cycle. These include definition of hardware and cloud infrastructure needs, technical strategy, research and development within the project life-cycle, technical analysis and design;
  • Engineering of infrastructure related solutions for various project and operational needs;
  • Automate software builds, configuration, and deployments to testing and production environments;
  • Develop system to monitor production systems and trigger alerts when issues are detected using Zabbix, Nagios, Stackdriver;
  • Diagnose internal networks and debug networking issues;
  • Continually investigate methods to improve system reliability and performance;
  • Building and deploy applications to dev/test/prod environments;
  • Automating configuration management, infrastructure, and application deployments in a toolset such as Puppet, Chef, Ansible or Salt;
  • Experience with Docker and containerization strategies;
  • Developing automation for application running on private and public cloud infrastructure environments such as AWS / Google Cloud;
  • Source control using tools such as GIT;
  • Automation of applications through RESTful APIs;
  • Scripting skills in a language such as Shell, Python, Perl, JavaScript, Ruby, or PowerShell;
  • Experience with software testing, including designing and implementing unit, component, and system-level tests;
  • Background in network or storage design and administration;
  • Problem identification skills for issue resolution and root cause analysis;

Why outsource managed services to HiTech Service?

  • Lowers your operational costs, with minimal up-front costs;
  • Includes comprehensive monitoring and management solutions for server, storage, network and middleware;
  • Enables you to focus on your core business and leave the IT management to certified and experienced subject matter experts team;
  • Improves infrastructure availability with 24/7 proactive monitoring;
  • Provides real-time reports, automated notifications and alerts;
  • Gives you access to the right combination of specialized remote competency centers and on-site capabilities.

[font_style fontsize=”16px”]Working according ISO 9001:2015 process and being available 24/7 our technical support outsource team is able to provide best service whether clients are in US, Europe or Asia.[/font_style]