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Quality Assurance

Have you thought about hiring quality assurance outsourcing company?

[font_style fontsize=”16px”]Outsourcing itself is one of the ways to shorten your expenses while developing or maintaining your software. However, it is extremely important not to lose the high quality of your product while chasing the profit. That’s why choosing a partnering quality assurance outsourcing company is vital for your software business.[/font_style]

[font_style fontsize=”16px”]Quality Assurance department is the only team that accompanies your software during the whole lifecycle, providing proper product quality level validation. Quality assurance process is time-consuming and therefore expensive, that is why outsourcing QA you can minimize your expenses if you find a reliable partner.[/font_style]

QA Services

Starting from the very beginning, even while planning the new development, you need to have a reliable QA team to create a set of tests, carry them out and record the results to ensure that your product will be released as good as possible, Compatibility tests, acceptance testing, usability testing, internationalization and localization tests – these are just first steps that your QA team needs to take to ensure that your software will be released successfully. Adding new features, you need to make sure that your current functionality remains unhurt and that’s where you need your QA team again to create and perform smoke and sanity tests, regression testing, etc.

Testing automation. Autotests.

Another way to save time and money is to automate a part of QA routine activity. Of course, manual testing cannot be substituted with autotests in the scope of new feature development, sanity and smoke tests, however, can be trusted to a machine. Choosing HiTech Service LLC as your outsourcing QA team you can trust your QA process not only to manual QA engineers but professional testing automation specialists as well. Our years of experience in autotests development have shaped our skills in using both – paid and free tools that can significantly cut your expenses on quality assurance process.

Why HiTech Service LLC?

  • More than 10 years of QA outsourcing services experience.
  • Professional and reliable team.
  • Manual and automation testing experience.
  • Full scope of QA services.
  • QA manager outsourcing.
  • ISO 9001:2015 guaranteed quality.