Leonid Podoshev

Vice President, Software Engineering. Odyssey Logistics and Technology Corporation.

We engaged HiTech Service for development of a suite of components for monitoring our server infrastructure which is running company’s mission-critical business processes utilizing a cluster of WebSphere application servers. We also trusted HiTech to take responsibility of the execution of the monitoring tools. HiTech is also responsible, working in collaboration with our Production services located in US, for taking proactive, corrective actions in case of infrastructure issues.

The engagement required a strong expertize in J2EE, SOA, BPM, BRMS and capability to cover business hours of US, Asia-Pacific and Europe regions.

We found HiTech as a reliable, dedicated and very professional partner, capable of successfully executing complex development and production support activities with high quality and in a cost effective manner. I would definitely recommend HiTech to your company.