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Eastman Kodak is our special customer, a matter of pride of us and this is where we invest the most in people and technology.

DESIGN2LAUNCH is a Kodak’s subdivision that produces centralized, web–based solution for managing brand assets and content creation called Brand Manager. It is highly customizable workflow–based application that can be configured to oversee any business process of any complexity, from basic review and approval to comprehensive product development–promoting timely task execution, efficient teamwork, visibility and accountability.

Brand Manager is quite popular solution among large enterprises including many of Fortune 500 companies. Brand Manager allows them to effectively maintaining complex business processes in distributed multi–national environments.

[font_style fontsize=”16px”]I engaged HiTech Service for over 2 years and they always performed at a high level. We never missed deadlines and our systems were all high quality. We interacted daily with the team and the time zone and cultural differences were never a problem. I found their technology skills excellent, particularly in comparison to New York based developers.[/font_style]

Dennis Reaves,
VP&General Manager,
Eastman Kodak.

Competency Center

We are a competency center by now; in other words, we acting both as repositories of knowledge and resource pools for Kodak.

Our people provide a complete SDLC including analysis, programming, QA, maintenance, client and technical support. We are responsible for further Brand Manager development, improvements and its maintaining taking responcibility for all aspects of day–to–day Brand Manager–related activities.

Having all those people working together in a single office gives us an exceptional opportunity to minimize time and effort to do our everyday tasks.

[font_style fontsize=”16px”]Don’t skimp on transformational skills. These can make or break a project.[/font_style]

Bruce Robertson,
Research vice president,
Gartner Inc.

Services We Provide

Benefits for customer

Moving the supporting processes to a competency center gives the organization more time to strengthen their core business process. Here we had few weeks to join, needed no time to learn despite technically Brand Manager is incredibly complicated application.

It is easy to use — from user point of view — but highly complicated from point of view of a programmer, QA and support.

One of the most crucial factors determining the outcome of a campaign is risk–analysis. Outsourcing certain components of your business process helps the organization to shift responsibilities to the vendor. Since the vendor is a specialist, we plan your risk–mitigating factors better.

Another consideration is reduced operational and recruitment costs. Outsourcing eludes the need to hire individuals in–house; hence recruitment and operational costs can be minimized to a great extent.

[font_style fontsize=”16px”]We had significant year–over–year improvement in our operating performance.[/font_style]

Becky Roof,
Chief Financial Officer,
Eastman Kodak.

Our Proud

Since we joined Kodak two years ago we have completed multiple big projectes. Here we want to highlight some of them.

Autotest suite

Testing such enormose application will never be easy, but there is an obvious way to reduce time and cost of testing: implement autotests.

We have spent quite a lot of time working on the autotests and now we see how much this helps in everyday operations in virtually every aspects, from development to techops and client support.

Load testing is another use of autotests; you will never implement realistic load testing using unit–tests or gathering profiler’s data.

Being a part of continuous integration process, autotests became an essencial part of moving to 


BLUE Software acquired KODAK Design2Launch Business in May 2016, so now we are a part of Blue Software team working on growing BrandManager and related services.