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RealTime Medical


Native Component Integration For Electron/JS App

 – U.S. hospitals currently average 10 to 15 connected devices per bed, and that number is expected to rise.

– The global adoption for cloud services in healthcare is expected to grow 14% earlier than the next decade, raising the market value to roughly $40 billion by 2026.

– A virtual healthcare approach is helping improve outcomes while reducing costs.

Dan Greenfield, selecthub.com

Real Time Medical is a nationwide radiology service network for Canadian radiologists. They provide enterprise productivity and peer review with advanced critical results management. The software is seamlessly vendor-neutral, easily scalable and works across multiple medical disciplines.

AICloudWorks™ and AICloudQA™ are Real Time Medical’s patented software platforms.

The purpose of the project is a proper integration of native components into a modern web-based application written on Electron JS.

Many radiology hardware developers offer their customers native components. Their integration into modern web-based applications will most likely require considerable effort and skills. 

Our job was to make this integration happen, make it reliable, easy to use and modify, and also to make the integrated native components look and feel like the rest of the application. In this case, we integrated voice dictation and thick client viewer functionalities.

At first, we needed to develop code with the ability to launch, control and communicate with the following 3rd Party vendor application products:

  • Nuance PowerScribe 360 – voice recognition/full reporting support.
  • Dragon Medical Dictation – voice recognition.
  • Intelerad InteleViewer – DICOM image viewer.

Following the weekly sprint code planning/dev/review process, Real Time Medical leveraged its project management team and worked with us as an extension of their development team.