Dennis Reaves

Chief Operating Officer, Storm Exchange, Inc.

I would happily recommend HiTech Service to your company. I used HiTech Service as a fully outsourced team in Ukraine to build my entire technology platform. Storm Exchange built proprietary weather indexes and used our technology platform to distribute the financial data to customers via web and Bloomberg.

I engaged HiTech Service for over 2 years and they always performed at a high level. We never missed deadlines and our systems were all high quality. We interacted daily with the team and the time zone and cultural differences were never a problem. I found their technology skills excellent, particularly in comparison to New York based developers.

Unfortunately, our business was in the financial sector and shutdown after the banking crisis. We would still be using them today if that were not the case and I would recommend HiTech without question. I have used many offshore vendors and HiTech was the best of them.