Edward T. Palange

Director of R+D (Design2Launch)

I would like to thank Hi Tech for the Development and Quality Assurance resources that they have provided to Kodak/BLUE Software over the last 4 years. Since the beginning, Kodak/BLUE Software integrated Hi Techresources into our team as if they were our own company’s resources. This allowed many ofthem to become dependable and valuable resources and teammates.

Hi Tech provided many more benefits to Kodak/BLUE Software beyond cutting R+D costs. Hi Tech provided talented resources who were able to learn our software, design solutions, give feedback and get quality code in place in an acceptable timeframe. Hi Tech resources were active participants in our Agile process and communicated with the team daily, via phone calls and Instant Messaging. In the end, Kodak/BLUE Software and Hi Tech created a highly functional software team.

While using Hi Tech Kodak/Blue Software’s ability to meet our release goals for quality and timing increased dramatically. Hi Tech resources were assigned functionality in our system and accepted owning the design, development and maintenance of those features. The Quality Assurance team was able to write and execute Test Scripts efficiently and bring issues to the team in real time. All of this ultimately resulted in increasing Kodak/BLUE Software’sclient’s satisfaction with our products.

I enjoyed working with Hi Tech team and If the opportunity arose to work with these resources again I would be glad to do so.